Sunday, August 21, 2011

Episode 9: The Backdoor In, is now available!

Episode 9 of the Divided By Zero podcast is now available right here → DB0 Episode 9 ← The link provided is a direct download link but feel free to subscribe via iTunes or with something else using this link;

This episode features Mara Magyarosi, a Detroit photographer, who opens the show with a story that leaves everyone wondering how she is still a functioning member of society. Many questions are answered throughout this episode including... What do The Pukie Friend, The Screamer from the Bushes, and The Gentle Gangster have in common? What are the best break up methods? Why does Tyler have a blissful life? Who kissed Scott?

Want more information on Mara? Check out her website, her feature in Detroit 7 to 3, her Facebook Fanpage, and “A Greeting of Sorts”.

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