Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mitchell in the Morning! 2011, week #34 in review!

-Mitchell gives his review of the number on movie in Amercia, "The Help". "Skeeter ruins everything!" says Mitchell.
-Mitchell and the rest of the morning crew make fart noises over the audio of President Obama's speech about the end of Gadhafi's rule in Libya.
-The crew gives a real time play-by-play of Kyle Bush's win at the Michigan International Speedway, in Michigan.

-Mitchell and the crew call bullshit on Amy Winehouse's toxicology report being negative.
-Jarvis declares that the end of the world is coming in the form of a machine uprising because of NASA's "Robonaut".
-The crew discusses how much money $42M is, because it "seems like a lot, and must've put a hit on that Exxon Mobil" during the oil spill clean up.

-Each member of the crew recounts their own survival stories about the earthquake that rocked the Eastern seaboard.

-Jarvis praises Universal for scrapping a "movie that certainly would have let demons into our world", Ouija.
-Ben Affleck is still alive? Is the question after hearing that he has a new movie in the works.

-Outrage ravages the crew with news that Goshen College President, John Brenneman, will no longer use the National Anthem at school events, but instead "America the Beautiful". "This is 'Merica! An' it's not beautiful, an' that's bullshit!" says Mitchell.
-PETA's plans to launch a porn site is met with mixed feelings and a craving for bacon.
-Mitchell and the crew wonder where people are going to get all their apples now that apples no longer has a CEO, seeing as Steve Jobs just "up and quit".

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