Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mitchell in the Morning! 2011, week #36 in review!

- Today is Labor Day, and that means Mitchell and the crew are off BBQing like true 'Mericans! So that means, Best of: Clip Show!
- Mitchell spends the first part of the show trying to actually start the show, but i having a hard time due to his hangover.
- Jarvis brags to the listening audience about his dominance in volleyball at the Labor day party yesterday. "Ya'll step into the dog house, y'er gonna get bit!"
- According to the social networking site's poll about the coolest nation, America is the coolest. Gilbert comments, "Well that's better than all those years I spent a deep depression after killing my childhood dog in a freak lawn mower accident..."

- NASA announced that they were launching 2 space probes in order to measure the Moon's gravity. This confuses Jarvis because it "clearly doesn't have any or it would fall down."
- The crew is excited to hear that Obama is inviting some NASCAR drivers to the White House because "it's nice to get some of our guys in there." says Mitchell.
- More Gadhafi news?! Who was this guy?

- A man dresssed as Gumby tried to rob a 7-11, Mitchell thought this was hilarious and would have given him the money because it was so outrageous.
- New "missing link" found in South Africa. Jarvis goes on a ten minute, mostly un-understandable, rant about how we aren't monkeys that was mostly grunts and screams. The dog house is mentioned.
- "Manning Down! Manning Down!" Mitchell sounds the alarm for a huge blow to the football season.

- "FOOTBALL!!!!!!!" This chant goes on for an hour. 
- "Killer Joe", the newest movie from William Friedkin of "The Exorcist", is being described as a black comedy. Mitchell is pretty convinced it is supposed to be a sequel to "I'm Gonna Get You Sucker!"
- More ads on Twitter? "Could be less fingers on your left hand..." says Gilbert.

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