Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Gasm- The Beginning of A Brotherhood

     I had the privilege of sitting down with the comical minds behind the podcast The Gasm. The Gasm is basically a sketch podcast run by Pete, Mike, and Justin. Each episode is random, crazy and sometimes slightly idiotic for a touch of creative humor. The show exposes each host’s entertaining talent of voice characters, and the fact that this style of podcasting is not mainstream makes The Gasm all the more intriguing. The characters might be thought up beforehand, but the unscripted dialogue each episode proves that there are no limits to the inspiration and imagination in this podcast.

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So take a listen to the interview held by me and Nick Gauss. Due to the distance between us, (we live in Michigan and they are in Connecticut) we communicated through Skype. While recording, Nick and I did not know that every time we spoke at the same time as them that it would cut out their voice. So we did what we could with the recording, it’s still understandable. Listen at your own discretion.

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