Tuesday, October 11, 2011


To Husk, or not to Husk
This time, I sit down with our very own Husk!!! I feel he is the most misunderstood character of the four gentlemen, so I take him aside to show him in his own light.      Enjoy

Lady Envy: How was your day buddy?!?
Husk: Pretty Tiring, as Normal.  Lotsa work.
Lady Envy: How are you feeling about the podcast so far? Do you feel it’s going in a positive direction?
Husk: Podcast is good, I’m pretty happy with it so far. Not particularly any issues. I kinda like us to be a little more serious on some topics. But otherwise it’s fun.
LE: You’re not one of the big talkers in the group, but you’re hilarious!! What’s wrong with you?
H: It’s just when the mood strikes me. And as of late I’ve been really exhausted from work and school. So it’s really hard to kinda be in the moment and really take advantage of what’s going on.
LE: So it has nothing to do with the other guys, right?!
H: No, definitely not.
LE: How long have you been friends with them?
H: Since ’04, so 5-6 years.
LE: How did the whole “rapist” thing start?
H: I don’t know! It was just kinda like a really joke-y kind of subject that went awry. So here I am, Husk The Rapist.
LE: Does it ever get to you? Being called a rapist?
H: No, never *Laugh*
LE: How do you feel about bananas?
H: I like them, they’re pretty delicious. I prefer people to not go bananas.
LE: Is there anything that you would like your ignorant fans to know? Anything you would like to clear up?
H: Uhm…… Hmmmmm…. I don’t know…… Uuuhh….. That’s a pretty deep question…..
LE: Maybe that you’re not actually a rapist *Laugh*
H: *Laugh* Yeah, no I’m not actually a rapist I guess. That’s a good one for sure. Uhm, lotsa humor stuff…
LE: And maybe that we all actually like you
H: Yeah I guess everyone pretty much likes me *Laugh*
LE: Why do they sterilize needles for lethal injections?
H: That’s a good question. The same thing if somebody gets sick then they will take care of them… I don’t know what the deal with that is, that’s really strange though…
LE: How many times have you been cussed out?
H: Not a lot. Not a ton. I’m pretty nice for the most part, I guess…..
LE: But you make a lot of ‘faggot’ jokes…
H: Yeah but that’s all in good fun. See when I joke I try to keep in in context with my friends for the most part. I mean, you’ve been out with me a few times; I’m pretty reserved for the most part until I get enough drinks in me.
LE: Have you ever been to a gay bar?
H: Ooh Fuck yeah!
LE: How did that go?
H: It was cool, I was out with a couple of my friends, one was gay, and they like told me as if it were a surprise of something.I was like, “Ok that’s cool!” And we just kept drinking and smoking pot. I dunno, it was fun! But he had a lot of connections I guess to like the owners of gay bars, so we would go in and drink for free basically.
LE: How many drinks does it take to get you drunk?
H: Well it depends what I’m drinking, but about 10 to 12 beers to start getting tipsy. But it all depends on what I’ve eaten that day and that sort of stuff…
LE: What is the strangest talent that you have?
H: *Thinking for a while*
LE: I think it might be your sound effects.
H: Yeah probably making weird noises and stuff *Laugh*
LE: What is your best physical feature? What makes you pretty buddy?!
H: Uhm, people say I have really nice eyes. Yeah.
LE: How are you with children?
H: Kids actually like me a lot, oddly enough. My sister has 3 kids now, through their toddler-hood and stuff, I liked playing with them and stuff before they start talking… But yeah kids like me.
LE: Why are you so angry?
H: Uhm, because it’s funny.
LE: How do you feel about doctors? They’re pretty touchy-feely…
H: I’ve been around doctors so much that they really don’t faze me, yeah I just kinda talk to them like anyone else off the street. I’ve grown up going to the doctors a lot when I was a kid, so they don’t really make me nervous. It’s always weird stepping into that environment because it’s such a different vibe and you never know what doctor is going to be seeing you or what their personality is going to be like. I normally take it pretty light-hearted these days.
LE: Any last words for me?
H: Huh…..
LE: Do you ever wanna cuss me out?
H: No, never had the urge. I mean nothing other than friendly banter I guess. Oh man, last words…. I’ve been really short on last words actually. So yeah I’ve been having a lot of trouble with that, with coming up with like a good last words thing. I got kinda tired of “Fuck you, faggots” pretty early on I think. So yeah, it’s kinda tough for me to do. But yeah, have a great time! Keep checkin out Lady Envy’s blog and keep listening to Divided By Zero. Uh, yeah! Have a great day, enjoy yourself I guess.
LE: Thanks Husk!
H: No problem.

I also got out of him a list of his favorite/ highly recommended movies and music. So here it is:
Movies: Waking Life, Into The Wild, A Scanner Darkly, 28 Days Later and Trainspotting.
Music: Mike Patton, Infected Mushroom, Mum, Tom Waits, and the Melvins.

And for the blind! Or those without time to read…. Listen! We recorded the interview! Catch it first here!

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