Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mitchell in the Morning! 2011, week #43 in review!

- "I think I might replace all my skin with this stuff." says Gilbert, "It's got to be better looking than my actual skin." Stanford University's "super skin" could revolutionize phones, robots, and artificial limbs.
- The concept of dark matter is being further complicated with new research. "Further complicated my ass! Those scientist dummies have no idea what they are doing! All these years and they don't know a damn thing about anything!" responds Jarvis. 
- The Tribeca Filme Festival, held in Qatari, kicks off this week, it is said to be full of highlights. "Hmm, I didn't even know they had movies over there in Guitar." says Mitchell.

- Oh hell yea! I knew those things were real! I'm getting me a Tron Light Cycle!" says Boyd about the new lithium powered cycles made by Parker Brothers Choppers.
- "I can't believe they could mess something so important up. This is big news, and people care so little for the things that really matter!" is Charlotte's response to a mix up that delivered some papers pertaining to Amy Winehouse's death to the wrong address.
- "The Rangers won that World Series game huh? Where does the football season go..." says Cyril. "I like tennis." replies Max.

- The herpes virus has shown promise in treating aggressive breast cancer. "Well I'll stop praying for my ex-wife to get herpes then. I hope she gets cancer." responds Gilbert.
- "Sexy!" says Max after hearing that the HPV vaccine can help prevent most types of anal cancer in gay man.
- "Is nothing sacred anymore?" says Mitchell, in response to hearing that Marni Kotak, a performance artist, gave birth in an art gallery in Brooklyn. "Wasting perfectly good buildings to display art. Tragic really."

- "The Shenchou 8 will rain fiery death upon us..." says Jarvis who was cut off by Boyd, "I'm moving to China! Those dudes have a working space ship! I'm all in!"
- The secrets for treating cardiac disease could be found in the digestive processes of snakes. "No way that's true. I've been experimenting with snakes for years." says Cyril, "The only thing they are good for is wallets and a special thing I've created, codenamed 'Erectus 5000'!"
- "Who cares? says Mitchell, afetr hearing that  Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael, was arrested again in Tampa, FL. "Who cares?" responds Charlotte through sobs, "Who cares?! I do! What does that mean Mitchell? You hate me don't you? DON"T YOU!"

- It appears that the radiation levels in Japan are much higher than anyone anticipated. "Just imagine all the mutants that will be crawling out of there, I think I'm going to have to start myself up a sideshow!" is Mitchell's brilliant sceme.
- The use of estrogen has shown a link to bladder control issues, "Well I wouldn't be on the damn stuff if it wasn't for my god damn ex-wife! This does explain all the leakage though." responds Gilbert.
- "Those are cool cars. Or are they scooters?" is Max's response to the upcoming G20. 

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