Monday, October 3, 2011

A Divided Halloween (CONTEST!)

To all Zero listeners,

If you haven't already decided what you're being for Halloween, I'm assuming that you 1: still haven't had the perfect idea for one, or 2: ARE LAME and don't plan on dressing up!
Let me change your mind....
Have no fear, you're lucky Divided By Zero is here
I challenge all listeners to a contest!! I dare you to dress as ANY character mentioned on Divided By Zero for Halloween! Whether it be one of the hilarious hosts; Tyler, Nick, Pierre, or Husk. OR maybe the Gentle Gangster, The Screamer from the bushes, Uncle Neadertall, Zombie Meg Ryan, or even the glorious Tom Hanks himself (or his son). Get creative and/or be funny!!

1st place winner will receive a framed combo set of the Tyler Great Job! bathroom picture, AND the Scott Romance bathroom picture!!! Combo includes a set of dry erase markers to grafitti the pictures! 

2nd place winner will receive a choice of the Tyler or Scott picture with marker!
Please submit all pictures to the Divided By Zero Facebook page at
Winners will be chosen by the Divided men themselves.
Contest ends sometime in November.

Good luck!
~ Lady Envy ~

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