Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mitchell in the Morning! 2011, week #47 in review!

- "That's like... a million dollars per letter!" says Boyd, "My name has to be worth at least twice that I think." This is after hearing that Donald Trump has estimated the value of his name to be around 3 billion dollars.
- "I think it's kinda sweet, I don't see what the big deal is. Like at least 700 of my FBriends are in prison." says Charlotte after hearing about a women who is being harassed via Facebook by her ex-husband from prison.
- The number of people reaching 90 years of age has increased dramatically says on study, this is met with uproarious laughter from the crew, followed by an in unison, "Humans!"

- Mitchell opens the show enraged, "Did you hear what those mother f%&^$ did over at Divided By Zero did?! They stole our god damn format! They aren't even a real radio show! Those sons a bitches are gonna pay!"
- "I knew science didn't know anything! All that spouting off about things moving faster than light, all of it is lies!" says Jarvis after hearing that new studies prove that the particles thought to have been moving faster than light are actually not.
- Max cannot control his laughter after hearing the headline, "Thousands hit by diarrhea in Djbouti"

- Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea was recently divorced and the term of that settlement have finally come to light. "Wait, are they saying his name isn't Hulk Hogan?" asks Mitchell, "Does that mean that wrestling isn't real too?". Boyd flees the studio crying.
- "Obama is on Google+!" squeals Charlotte. "You know it's not really him right, it's some government agent acting as him to keep the masses calm!" retorts Jarvis.
- Cyril can't wait to get out of the studio, "So much football tomorrow! I cannot wait! I wonder what the occasion is though."

- It's Turkey Day! The whole crew wishes you a happy one and gives you a "BEST OF CLIP SHOW!"

- The crew is hung over and way fatter, they will be back on Monday. Time for "WORST OF CLIP SHOW!"

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