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The After World ~ Lady Envy

Every religion has their own version. Every person has a different variation. This is how it should be. Does it exist? Is it "customizable" and interchangeable? I fully believe that the living should never have the answers to these questions.

I believe that something like it exists, but you have it all wrong....
Before I go on, please remember that I write this solely on my opinion and beliefs. I am not sharing to be accepted. I know that my beliefs are in the minority. Do not make this a debate of who is right and wrong because there is no proof. I do not intend to upset anybody, but I know that I will. So allow me to apologize in advance.  This is not my way of pushing my beliefs on others. I accept and embrace the fact that your beliefs are different from mine. I am just voicing mine, as you are free to voice yours.

I don't believe that we would live in the clouds. We know what is beyond the clouds, and it is not heaven. Heaven is another dimension beyond; another world completely.
"Heaven" is for those who believe in a God or Gods. If I did believe in a type of God at all, it would be the many Gods of nature, much like the Greek Gods. But I can't say that I do.

If a heavenly place after life exists, then there must be a Hell, right? I agree. That is how balance works. However, I do not believe in a Hell of torture and damnation for eternity. Instead, a life of isolation. Since I do not believe in a main higher authority, I do not believe in a ruler in Hell. So there would be no one to torture all of these sinners! My solution is that all sinners are sent away to be alone with their issues and thoughts. Sinners look forward to an eternity of neglect! Science proves that enough time alone and a person will go insane! (If they weren't already.) Now who wouldn't be cool with that?!?!?

Of course, sometimes the dead will get lost in between the Heavenly After World and Hell, and this is how we experience "ghosts". I don't care to give this whole concept much detail simply because I am ignorant on the matter and don't know what to believe.

Now here is where my beliefs get a little tricky... I think I believe in reincarnation. It just makes sense to me. With so many people in this world, some souls must be 'recycled', if you will. I don't fully understand how, and I am not just trying to pick and choose things about religions that I "like" and adapting them in my own way. (But then again, that's basically what religion is anyways, right?!?) The way I think about it is that once you make it to The Heavenly After World, you live your afterlife, and eventually you are reincarnated with absolutely no memory of your past life/ lives. How is it determined when your time in the Heavens has run out? I"m not sure, these specific details don't matter that much to me, I don't mind a little mystery. But anyway, you are never reincarnated as anything "bad". Here's the cool part, if you go to "Hell", you are not able to be reincarnated! Your soul becomes "boxed", if you will.

When you make it to the Heavenly World, I wholeheartedly believe that lost family members and friends await you. However, with reincarnation in mind I don't think it would be possible for you to reach "Heaven" and be welcomed by your entire family tree. Unfortunately, the truth is that some might have not made it to "Heaven". Others might have already been reincarnated by the time you finish your life, but I wouldn't worry about kicking your bucket in a hurry to get to see Grandma again; I think a person's time in "Heaven" is not that short. Not that you would remember anyways, but I just wouldn't count on seeing your great, great, great, great, great, great grandpa. Now, do those in The Heavenly World "watch over" you while you live? I don't see why not, but again I haven't given much thought to the details.

I have another fun little thought concept for you: I don't believe that you sleep in the after world. What would you dream of and what would be the point? Same goes for eating, so don't worry about cravings.

Now let's say that each person CAN customize their own "Heaven"....
In my person after world, there would be no politics, government or bullshitting. No one to answer to at all. I could wear stilletos all day without pain. There would be no judgement, bitterness, revenge or bad decisions to be had. The way you look is something that is universally accepted. There would always be enough hours in a day, and the weather and temperature would always perfect. And breakfast would be served all day, dammit! (If we eat at all.) I don't feel like any other details would really matter to me. Guess I won't know until or if I ever get there.

If you know of a religion like the one I'm describing, let me know! I'm truly interested!!! I'm not trying to claim these concepts and ideas as my own. And I would love to hear what kind of things that you would want in your After World! So email me your answers, advice and/ or questions at!!!!! 

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