Monday, January 9, 2012

Best of Divided By Zero

That's right, I have returned!!! Pretty exciting!

     As I return from my break, after pushing my way through the stress of Christmas and after all of the New Year's parties, I did a little reflecting. It's something that we all do. I always try to keep my refelecting positive, but we all know that 2011 was a pretty bumpy road. But when I thought about my experiences with Divided By Zero, I was very proud. I'm proud of  Husk, Tyler, Pierre and Nick for following through on their word and doing exactly what they wanted to do and working together flawlessly. They have learned so much and come so far in the past year, people are noticing and in my opinion it's starting to pay off.

     I also feel extremely grateful for all of the friends and family that have supported Divided By Zero, and all of those that participated by being a guest on the show. We are sourounded by such great people and such great talent. Divided By Zero could not have made it this far without the willingness and cooperation.

And OF COURSE, all of the listeners!!!! The listeners in China, Japan, Brazil, that's right, we see you!!! We don't know your names, but you have not gone unnoticed!! And we thank you for listening. Divided By Zero is incredibly flattered that you enjoy the show because you don't just laugh with these men, you are learning about them as they are. Even though they use fake names, they don't put on an act for you, they expose themselves for you (sometimes literally). The listeners and sponsors are what made Divided By Zero go from men recording in a basement, to a successful podcast. Eternal gratitude.

A thanks to the Divided By Zero's sponsors and promoters:
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     The birth of Divided By Zero in 2011 has brought on countless laughs. To prove it, I have created a "Best Of" list for 2011. I guess you could also call this our list of inside jokes!

Top 10 in no specific order:

1.) Zombie Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan

2.) Mime Rape

3.) Cherper Babies

4.) Scott's Singing

5.) "Kids Need More Gay"

6.) The Gentle Gangster/ The Screamer in the Bushes

7.) The Bone Phone

8.) EVERY Super Hero Name!

9.) Husk (& Mt. Husk)

10.) Chocolate Soup

We don't know what the new year has stored away for us, but we are prepared to stand tall and take our beatings. It won't change who we are. And we don't need resolutions, because we live by doing whatever the fuck we want. We don't know how to live any other way.
Bring it on 2012!!!

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