Monday, April 30, 2012

"The Jew" in real life

So if you remember a couple months back, to the season 2 finale, "Tournament Of Heros!", or even further back to "Live Like Peter Pan", you may recall my brother Joe creating his own super hero known as "The Jew". He was a totally Jewish themed hero with the powers of all of Israel.

Well today the dream has been realized. While scrolling a favorite website,, I came upon this little wonder.

As I'm sure all of you are hoping at this point, that the menorah shoots flames, that I cannot say. But look at that guy! He is totally the super Jew envisioned by none other than my brother. 

Of course now that this idea exists, it cannot be an original one. Which would technically disqualify him from the tournament, seeing as our criteria was clear in needing to be something that you came up with, and does not exist in the known world. So it pains me to say, but Joe you have been retroactively booted from the competition that you lost out of in the first round.

For more Chive goodness, which I recommend highly, visit here This is the gallery where I found "The Jew" immortalized.

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