Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Divided By Zero Sells Out

Well it's finally happened, Divided By Zero has sold the fuck out. That's right, nothing but Top 40 and scripted talk from now on. Feel free to direct your hate mail to dividedbyzeropod@gmail.com.

And now for the real news... We're joining a network! Bobo Broadcasting

We were asked a while ago actually, and after much deliberation, we still had a shit ton of questions. So after some more time and discussion, we made the leap. It's exciting for us to have more exposure, and grow the following of Dividers which we may or may not have. This also means we now have some sister/brother shows in the family. Below is a list, give them a shot. You may recognize some of them from Nick's series "Shows I Listen To".

Knights of the Clown Table
Geek Revolution Radio
Surfing Aliens
Papa Ken Media
ADO Radio
Defective Geeks
She Movie Geek
Stupid Wankers
Joker and the Thief
Knights of the Octagon

Find out more about all these shows at BoboBroadcasting.com, and let them know who sent you.

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