Monday, September 9, 2013

Cpt. Planet VS. Al Gore / Ch!llian Thomas

In what has been the most fun episode of Season Five, comedian Ch!llian Thomas joins us in the studio. He fits right in, and keeps the conversation going - while keeping it hilarious. Tyler introduces himself as a theif, Nick explains the true origin of the name "Divided By Zero," and Masters proclaims "White Power!" Ch!llian asserts that fat ladies who dress in clothing that is super small are just more confident than other girls, and Pierre explains that most of this show's listeners are prisoners. Find out who is cuter: Captain Planet, or Al Gore. All that, and more - on Divided By Zero! Heil Fitler!

See Ch!llian Thomas live, at US12 in Wayne, Michigan. September 19th, in two performances at 8:00p, and 10:00p.
(Too late. You missed it.)

34824 W. Michigan Ave., Wayne, MI, 48184 
(734) 722-3170

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