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Podcast related videos.

Pierre has a YouTube channel which hosts lots of memories for everyone involved with Divided By Zero, as well as some unrelated original content. Please subscribe for what is sure to be lots of awesome.

"Nick Creeps On Peeps" is a show hosted by Nick Gauss in which he does as the title implies. The site, linked below, carries posts with embedded audio of the show as well as some other creeper type dealings. 

Also Nick is on YouTube, which can be found here:


Lady Envy is a fantastic blog contributor for Divided By Zero who happens to have her own Facebook. To keep up to date with Divided By Zero news, and with what's happening with Lady Envy, go "Like" her with all your might.

"Black Sock" is a 3 panel strip illustrated by Nick (Josh Nyeste), written by previous guest of Divided By Zero, Jeremy Rogers. Misanthropic tales of moving through life.

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